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Default Natural Blond Women Will Be Extinct!

Natural Blond Women Will Be Extinct!

In 200 Years' Time, Natural Blond Women Will Be Extinct! - Or not? - Softpedia

Media say that the decreasing of the number of blond women is the result of mixing.

But I suspect that this miserable history is the result of conspiracy.

Particularly, Japan's conspiracy is complicated, secret and almost perfect.

Even in Japan, the Tokugawa clan have secretly, gradually and completely exterminated Japanese aborigines, the Ainu, for the past 400 years.

Now they are yet attempting to exterminate some different local Japanese exactly the same way as they have done to Ainu people.

And I finally found some similarities between the local Japanese and blond Europeans with regard to the way the Tokugawa clan try to exterminate them.

When I examined the history and people around royal families in Europe, I found more people with black hair in the royal families than ordinary Europeans.

Japan's Conspiracy (3) P6

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