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Default Re: IMPORTANT NEWS...Jupiter mark is actually an INDENTATION that is GROWING!

If you check out Fig. 3, 4, and 5 of Ando's above, you can see the "sinkhole" effect again, especially for Fig. 4.

Fig. 6 he turns down the contrast and also the res. is a bit more faded, but you can see the "streak" is very long now, as long as the GRS.
Now, if we can get a definitive High Res closeup showing the "depth" effect still present in this area, astronomers will have to admit that this is a special event going on.

The duration now of this mark coupled with astronomy websites now suggesting the mark's source is 216 longitude (CM2), including "Sky and Telescope" Theo Ramaker's statement about the animation showing the spot SOURCING from there, and the fact the mark seems to be spreading out from this point, but not going away, indicates an DEEP INTERNAL EVENT is fueling and feeding this mark and that whatever is "burning" down there, or whatever mechanical device is producing this (such as the suggested depressurization theory), is ongoing.

The origin point of the event has to be deep enough to not be moved by atmospheric winds. Even the GRS moves slowly to the west over time.

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