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Default Is George W. Bush a Marked Man?

Here is an interesting post I intercepted on a site called I was heartened to learn that the poster is very much in synch with what most of us are now accepting as fact about the global conspiracy and the possibility of another act of terrorism occurring very soon.
Further, he poses an interesting scenario that has flashed through my own mind a few times:

Here are my two cents: In my scenario George W. Bush does not survive an attack. I say this for several reasons:

1. Bush is not a PNAC member. Cheney runs the show. Bush has been a burden for these people. They have to teach him what to say, how to present his little issues, tutor him, give him his sound bites, etc. He could not even handle one hour in front of the friendly 9/11 Commission by himself; Cheney had to accompany him. He had nothing to do with creating the PNAC agenda and by getting him out of the way Cheney and crew can move faster and harder.

2. If George Bush were no longer President, it would add to the power of the PNAC crew. If you think they assumed great power because 3,000 anonymous Americans died, just imagine how much more power they can assume after claiming that terrorists are a great enough threat to get to an American president. Bush would be the sacrificial poster boy. He would have served his purpose and would no longer be needed. He would provide PNAC with more power than they ever could achieve if he had lived. An interesting side note is that George W. Bush’s Skull and Bones nickname is “Temporary!” Interesting, to say the least.
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So what do you think, fellow CC members? Is Bush worth more to the NWO dead or alive? Could he even have been slated from birth as a Luciferian sacrifice to this globalist plan?

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