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Question looped thoughts

I've experienced this rapid thought process that I'm trying to figure out. What happens is I'll think something then right after that I'll think the same thought, over and over again. I get this imense feeling of fear all while this is happening. I felt "stuck" in my mind. All of this takes about 3 seconds. I felt as though time wasn't real that the universe is a 1 second time lapse that we have to live for eternity and the rest is just a memory. It was like I experienced reality in a whole new way that isn't intended for people to know. The feeling somewhat resembles that sensation of waking up. I know I sound like some crazy person but it all made too much sense at the time. It's happened several times, and I'm wondering if anyone has experienced anything simular or have any theories as to whats going on. And if you're just going to be a smartass don't bother I KNOW I'M WEIRD hahaa.

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