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Default Re: The Silence Was Deafening

a few years ago, I was having dinner with some friends.

One of the guys (quite socialist) was bemoaning that we, as a society, were rewarding people through the social security system for breeding lots of dumb kids, who don't even know what a home cooked meal is.

Another (doctorate in Philosophy), pointed out that if we didn't pay incompetents to breed, then there would be no taxpayer base for the future.

The system is geared so that smart people with middle incomes can't "afford" to breed (That's not true, they could, but don't have the commitment to do without their trinkets).

Have a bunch of kids, and get rewarded with subsidised housing, healthcare, dentistry, transport, and even (this is the kicker) free child care to give the poor mothers a break from the kids.

If that's not planned to generate a dumbed down McDonalds Generation, I don't know what is.

(On the McDonald generation, we know a mostly welfare family who eat fast food 7 nights a week. "We can't afford to feed a family of 4 otherwise, she complains"...when you point out that their evening meal is $20-$25, and for $15, they could have a stirfry with premium ingredients, or spag-bol, with leftovers for tomorrow's lunch, the comback is "I've got two kids, and certainly don't have time for cooking")

(just Oprah)
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