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Default Re: The Silence Was Deafening

Hear, Hear!! I couldn't agree with YOU more on any of the points YOU touched on. The proof of the truth of your statements are all around us for the whole world to see.

As for the P(iled)h(igher)&D(eeper), Dr. D___K Head and I would disagree mightily. What kind of tax base is he referring to? They will be second or third generation welfare junkies. They are learning at their Mama's knee how to milk the system.

Actually, I have heard it posited that the reason the government is allowing so many illegal aliens in is to provide ready consumers (Americans are maxed out) and a tax base for future generations. They are willing to live 20 to the room and on payday they go out and blow it all which keeps the wheels of commerce well-oiled and rolling.

NATO complained about the incompetance of American military personnel who were stationed in Europe 25+ years ago. Things have not gotten any better according to relatives in England, Holland and Italy. Johnson's Great Society and all those who have built on it and expanded it deserve seats in the hottest part of Hell.

Shannow, it comes down to this:

What you want more of you subsidize, what you want less of, you tax.

There are, no doubt, couples out there who would love to have children but they don't feel like they can "afford" them. True, as you said, they lack the discipline to forgo the trinkets for the progeny. Ordinarily, they are the very ones who SHOULD be having them. The diabolical plotters and planners' plans are right on track.

We are a robotized country of conspicuous consumers but that little party is fastly coming to an end. You will hear the screaming and crying half way around the world.

Of course, the welfare checks will be the last things to stop. They want to wait until everybody else has sold all their guns to feed their families before they put EVERYBODY in the streets and under bridges to kill each other.
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