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Default Re: Two Free Documentaries.

There is a reason they where promoted. Just as much as there is a reason for promoting Michael Moore. By far I know their information isn't perfect but its a start to get to know some of the foundation of the 9-11 coverup. See like in Martial Law Alex Jones does not get the connection that the plane that was shot down was heading for WTC 7 and because it was shot down is why the tower was obviously pulled. He does not make the connection that they claim both that flight 93 was heading toward the White House and that the BS story of Moussaoui being the 5th hijacker also destined to be at the White House the Next day proportedly. That is like robbing a donut shop next to a cop station two days in a row with the same trick. Alex Jones has a radio show and the Globalists like him because he makes the rest of us look crazy because hes a bit extreme. Loose Change is done by college students. They do not care if the information is damning to them if they can make the person out to be a liar in anyway or naive. Its how things go. Or in the case of Michael Moore if he is specifically paid in wire transfers to make it out as if the President was not involved because he is nothing more then a ignorant fool that takes too many vacations. Completely innocent of any wrong doing because he obviously is just incompetant right? Ignoring the real questions of 9-11 because its "UnAmerican". That even the facts that he says will now be questioned just because he said them and Michael Moore is a notorious editor of information to make something look the way he wants it to look. Its all a game to them and they have won by far.
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