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Default Re: Two Free Documentaries.

madthumbs wrote:
Loose Change was influenced by disinformation agents, Martial Law is from a disinfo agent imho. Consider the fact that Painful Deceptions was suppressed while those two films were promoted.

This video isn't as flashy, but I trust it more:

Painful Deceptions

Here some great 911 vids, and info. when you get info from the GOV'T controlled net, your getting just that, info from the gov't. A person needs to DISCERN what is real and what's not, first look at the websites itself,does it have masonic symbols like thumbs does? well its probably a Information Awareness Office site, I'm not saying thumbs site is Gov't controlled, but I would not use Masonic Symbolism on it to be credible with me. Just my opinion, thats all.

P.s. another hint is using foreign sites of info, they're not as easily CIA controlled.
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