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Default Moore's omission

Hey guys!

When "Bowling For Columbine" first came out I actually wrote to Moore on his website. I thought he had "overlooked" a REALLY big point. All that talk about why "America" was sooo violent, compared to the peaceful Canadians - he was talkin' here, he was talkin' there - man he was allovertheplace, but not a single word about the deal between the educational system and Big Pharma to poison the kids with Ritalin and other Mind Altering or "Behavior Modification" Drugs.

So I wrote the man thinking he would care. Yeah, it sounds funny, right? ;-)

Not that I expected His Highness to answer but I sort of thought I would at least get an automated email answer back.

I mean, if the guy REALLY wants to put mustard up the Elites' arses then this really would do the trick, no? Go after Big Pharma?

He's a distraction alright. I know there are more serious, intelligent, well informed people than sad jesters like Michael Moore or Al Franken who would kick the shit out of the Rotschilds, Rockefellers, Bushes superefficiently but they're NOT ALLOWED.

For fun, check out this cold, thorough, complete and utter character assassination of Michael Moore. I might not agree with all conclusions drawn by the writers but it suuure is funny. ;-)

Oscar For Best Acting Out
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