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Default Re: Moore's omission

Well yeh ananamous. Thats the end game.

Rationalism carried to it's extreme ends.

The very essence of "Corporate Efficiency".

People as fooder. As cattle. As a commodity.

How could it be any other way in a society in love with the rational and the material world.

Satan at work. Dressed in a suit and tie.

I hope we do not have to learn one final lesson and are able finally to throw the ring of power back into the fires of Mt Doom.

If the trilogy LOR is anything to go by then there will have to be near catastrophe.

WW2 was not enough it seems. We lulled ourselves back to sleep.
Mad, thats a pretty reasonable article.

The restucturing of Asia will be under total control of the Western Financial Elite.

A Chines sage once wrote..."what is it with you Aryan birds of prey".
[size=medium]\"The Office\" is the greatest comedy...ever. [/size]
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