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Default Warning. Graphic Pictures. The Insurgency At Work.

I really wish I had'nt looked.

I made an unscheduled stop at Rivero's site and got this link to 4000 photo's of Iraq...

All the photo's at the bottom are of dead kids and infants.

AP has released access to their archive. Wonder why? The Elite are out for Bush.

With regards the "insurgency". Please do not tell me that "Israel" or some other "Western" covert operator is doing ALL these bombings. These are local Jihadists with i'm sure the "odd" specific western operation.

Every time we cheer a roadside bomb designed to "liberate" the Iraqi people from the "inavder" this is whats happening. We should pray for peace in Iraq IMMEDIATELY. That includes the gutless insurgency stopping the killing of so many innocent Iraqi's in their quest for liberation.

If Sunni's and others want liberation then make peace. The "coalition" would have no choice but to pack up and leave.

If ANYONE thinks the U.S and others will be pulling out completely after building 10 permenant bases in Iraq I have news for them. The U.S will withdraw to the oil fields and vital transportation routes and let local Iraqi's kill each other.

Allah Akbar. Does the God of Islam sanction this Ahmed/Akbah? It aint my God.

I feel sick and helpless to do anything for these poor innocent little kids who just want to run and play like our kids. May Christ come quickly.

Now why do they hate us?

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