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Default Re: We Are Being Poisoned - 5 Ways That Diet Coke Will Make You Fat

Kalel116, I had the exact same opinions that you present here a few years ago. In fact you described my state of mind completely--I should be able to eat fewer calories than I burned, and I should have the willpower to not eat sweets. Unfortunately that just didn't work for me. I tried and tried and tried. I worked out, I dieted, and the weight didn't come off.

Dr. Russell Blaylock talks about MSG and aspartame, both of which have an excitotoxic effect on the brain:

"This MSG-induced obesity was characterized by a preference for carbohydrates and an aversion for more nutritious foods, just as we are now witnessing in our youth. Also, excess weight was extremely difficult to exercise off or diet off in these experimental animals."
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