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Default Re: We Are Being Poisoned - 5 Ways That Diet Coke Will Make You Fat

Are you suggesting that aspartame and your brain are breaking the laws of physics. Why has the science community not recognized dr russel blaylock for his findings that apparently make all of the science that James prescott Joule and Sir Issac Newton null and void. Now whether i have enlighted you and you are just not wanting to admit it or you just dont have the patience to actually count your calories, im not trying to be a jerk. I honestly have delt with this same problem almost everyday at work. Ive worked as a personal trainer, model, and amature mens physique competitor since i was 18. I have had to convince hundreds of people out of similar beliefs that hold them back from loosing weight. I actually no longer actually train people myself for this very reason, it is extremely frustrating having to deal with someone who believes more highly in conspiracy theories than science. But i can assure you that it is impossible to gain weight if the calories you eat are less then you burn off.

On day 1, if you burn 2000 and eat 1500, this means your body has burnt 500 calories worth or fat. It has to do this, were else do the extra 500 calories of energy come from that your body used that day? Day 2, say you do the same thing and eat aspartame. Your body is still going to break down 500 calories worth of fat in order for you to use the 2000 calories that day. Do you think that the aspartame prevents the fat from being released as energy and makes some kind of magical energy out of dark matter or something? Does your body start to burn or breakdown its hair or eyeballs to use as energy? No, it uses fat. I mean maybe you do agree with me and you really are smart and standing your ground for the sake of your video, were you are selling dr. Blaylocks book as an affiliate marketer. Is this the case?*
Recently my wife joined me in a bodybuilding compitition. She had been given some advice from somebody telling here that diet coke isnt good when your trying to loose weight. Before i do shows thats all i drink is water and diet soda. I actually went overboard just to prove to her that it didnt matter. I ended up placing higher then my wife and qualified for the team universe compitition, were i will also be drinking diet soda. If i win that show i will be able to represent america in the international circuit, and all while drinking lots of aspartame. In these posts i have completely proven behond any doubt that aspartame does not effect weight loss. Unless im some kind of mutant with super powerful DNA and alien genetics? I have, or should i say newton, joule and einstein have rendered dr blaylocks claims just useless and total garbage. Without any solid facts or SCIENTIFiC evidence to support the claim i feel i have wasted too much time even talking about this.
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