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Default Re: The 911 Coincidence Guide

"Controlled Demolition" received the contract to haul away the debris from the Twin Towers, etc.

So strange, but then again, not really, because this happens to me alot. The words "controlled demolition" have been in my diaglogue regarding 911 since it happened.

Did the jets have passengers on board or were they cargo jets?

Wasn't something strapped to the belly, the undersides or nose of the jets that hit the Twin Towers? Missiles perhaps???

If there was a detonation and it was to be caused by the jets hitting their target (not just the Twin Tower) but in the exact spot to cause implosion, perhaps a missile would have been needed to make certain this was accomplished.

Those jets flew like "guided" missiles.

I just know that there couldn't be any risk of survivors so I think the hijacked planes were diverted.

Perhaps, the reason for the drill. I don't know.

Loved ones made calls attesting to a hijacking; but I just believe the jets were unmanned.

Come on, like Condi said, who would have ever thought that terrorists would use jets as missiles!!!

That is exactly how they were used. Like guided missiles. She said so herself.

Okay, I'm rambling!!


Thinking out loud, maybe!!


And, yes, they were able to destroy records and many financial companies in the process except, of course, JP Morgan.

The Bush Crime Family strikes again!!

What will they do next?
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