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Default Solar Flares Caused the Permian & Cretaceous Mass Extinctions - Mars

Dr Roger Smith of the South African Museum shows where the dark Permian soil has been overlaid by reddish post apocalyptic mudstone, that delineates an event that wiped out around 95% of all species 252 million yrs ago.


Whale Bones on Mars - Curiosity Sol 1276, March 9, 2016.

Mass extinction data that neglects the visible record on Planet Mars is entirely out of date, shots returned by the NASA Curiosity, Opportunity & Spirit Mars Rovers indicate the shallow sea that covered much of the planet actually boiled away, which means atmospheric pressure must have suffered a dramatic fall, postulate the same type of Solar events [flares] that caused Mars seas to boil have caused periodic mass extinctions on Earth, including the Permian Catastrophe as delineated by Dr Smith above.

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