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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
Polished metal is almost as reflective a surface as a glassed mirror. A schoolboy would have known this.
I guess you've never looked at a picture of ISS, it's not as reflective as a mirror. It's certainly not nearly as flat as an airplane's fuselage.
Yes but what you didn't comment upon Astronut was why the ENVISAT was able to disappear completely between winks. The following night was even more interesting because its rate of rotation was much slower and the satellite 'flared' each time before disappearing again.
You're continuing to compare apples to oranges. Evisat was tumbling out of control. It doesn't freaking matter how bright or dim it got, it was spinning out of control, what part of that do you not get? That's the only reason the brightness varied so much during the pass! ISS varies in brightness as well depending on what angle you're looking at it from in a given pass, but because it's not tumbling you won't see that variation from a single spot within a pass but as a variation from pass to pass.
This last comment is an absolute classic! So what is the temperature of vaporization of silicon, calcium, phospherous and all the other minerals found on the Moon?
I assume you want those values for standard temperature and pressure, right? Tell me genius, how is it that carbon monoxide is found in the reflection nebula NGC 7023 when it's temperature is 40 kelvin while the boiling point for carbon monoxide is 81 kelvin?
[astro-ph/0103151] Physical Conditions in the Foreground Gas of Reflection Nebulae: NGC 2023, vdB 102, and NGC 7023
If the atoms of the moon were completely chemically unbound the solar radiation pressure would have dissolved the entire thing a long time ago. But hey, you only have to wait till october to witness LCROSS slam into the very-solid moon.

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