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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Couldn’t find an appropriate image on the internet but photos in a book I have seem to reveal polished metal surfaces on the ISS. And then there are also the static solar panels the glass surfaces of which would tend to cause ‘flares’.

I just love those NASA photos of the ISS supposedly in orbit with that studio quality lighting.

When you see those astronauts somersaulting inside these space modules in what is effectively zero gravity (can be reproduced in 30 second bursts by an aircraft doing a parabolic nose-dive), has it never struck anyone that it would have been exceptionally dangerous performing such manoeuvres surrounded by the myriad of switches, buttons, dials and loose wiring that is found on the inner walls of these capsules?

One classic piece of film from space history shows a chap running around the inside of a cylindrical module in zero ’g’. The centrifugal force produced by his running keeps his feet firmly on the capsule’s curving walls as he runs in a perpetual loop-the-loop. But would such a thing have been possible? I doubt even the finest circus acrobat in the world would have been able to achieve such a thing. What is more likely is that the cylindrical capsule was actually revolving back down on the Earth with the camera bolted to its wall and with the man running forward to avoid falling over as the cylinder rotated.

But what I find most humorous of all are the laboratory mice in zero ‘g’. Surely that would have counted as animal cruelty? I mean what can a mouse do in zero ‘g’ apart from float around inside its cage and what about the mess.......?
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