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Cool Re: Attending Physician: Jimi Hendrix was WATERBOARDED to Death w/Red

Physician, I agree with this well layed out post! who lose's, all off us? As far on the subject of Drugs,every child was given this very early in life..It has been engrained from day one! Little Johnny has a bad cough doc, take this syrup containing hydrocodne or codine and 10% ahl. all is good big drug/company's, doc,, a piece of pie to all.. Its well none Jimi used, Physician is on the money in his post!! I do not beleive Jimi took his life,And I will tell you why ,there was a message he tried so hard to get out...Listen to his music with your heart, not just the ears..example..If 6 was 9 live your life the way you want....Near the end of track, he is stateing it very clear he will live his life the way "he" wants!! There are many more songs about the joys of life,,listen..I do beleive some of Hendrix music reflects his on insight of his death,,Manic Depression,, Hear My train Coming,,to name a few..I started listening to Hendrix at 14,,, and Its still as fresh to me as that 14yrs. old kid. Key to his music is listen with open mind & the heart! he is right in your room , everytime you play the music...Attending Physician right..Joe..
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