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Default Re: Norwegian Flags Used as Nazi Symbols

In War, the winners always write the history.

If Germany had won the history of WW11 would be very different as would be everyday life nowdays, some would suggest for the better others for the worse.
Certainly we the great people of Oz whos forces incidently were the first to inflict defeats on the Axis powers Nth Africa and Imperial Japan in New Guinea would of course be speaking Japanese now, although many do anyway as it is a compulsry subject in most schools, eccept for Tasmanians who would be speaking German as Tasmania was to be the breeding ground of the new master race.

It always amazes me that we continually hear about the alleged 6 million jew killed by the Germans and not the gypsies, Polish cathlics or the 60 million killed by stalins communists.

Yes history is subjective, it all depends on whos writing it and thus the dictated conventional wisdom that follows.
Anyone with an open mind can easily see through lies and falicy, im proud to be white, does this make me racist?
If I choose a blond haired barby doll as a wife and mother to my future childeren, the resulting offspring being of much the same ilk, does this make me a racist?

In actual fact anyone who thinks they are not racist hasnt thought about it, rasicism - discrimination on a racial basis - is an everyday subconsiouse occurance.
It is natural for people to select their own racial group for relationship, company and general dealings, reading a book by its cover or better the devil you know or whatever you wish to call it has been an essential survival mechanism for ions.

You stuck with your own or you didnt survive tribe vs tribe.

To suddenly say in the last 50 years this isnt true anymore or a still a part of our psycie is a nonsense.

Anyone who subscribes to politically correct thinking is well and truely a conditioned tool of the new world order.

Enjoy your microchips!
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