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No, I don't think China is in any way independent. My opinion is that the NWO equals Communism, therefore China is the NWO. The NWO agenda is identical to the International Communist agenda, in fact, it's been implemented in USA since Roosevelt and it was infiltrated long before him. Therefore the American NWO cabal are really Marxist-Leninists in diguise, (the neocons are all confessed adherents of Communist factions, be it Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky or Mao) and the only difference between them and the Red Chinese is the masks they are wearing. I don't have time now to go into detail, but check out this chapter on the <a href="">Li bloodline</a> from Springmeier's <a href="">The Satanic Bloodlines</a>.

By the way, saw the big <a href="">debate between Hitchens and Galloway</a> the other day. What a hoodwink. Hitchens begins by basically bragging about having been a Trotskyite and Galloway has a Socialist past as well. This big "event" being moderated by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now and Pacifica Radio, a well-known Leftist so-called "gatekeeper". All in all a completely Socialist event with nobody at all anywhere NEAR the REAL other side of the spectrum.
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