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Default Re: Mass Layoffs Beginning

Not two hours after my very first posting here and look what wonderful news comes out of Michigan (bolstering the proof of my previous statements on the subject of its death):

GM, Chrysler merger could cost Michigan 25,000 jobs, but one automaker's bankruptcy would be worse - Grand Rapids, Michigan Business News - The Grand Rapids Press

GM, Chrysler merger could cost Michigan 25,000 jobs.....

Spectacular. Wish I had kept renting 5 years ago instead of buying our first house. It's a millstone around our neck.

The problem with fleeing Michigan is the gamble of trying to pick the State that isn't on it's way down next.

I sometimes wish their was some newly discovered land to move off to and start fresh. Everywhere you go though has the same headaches and nightmares and corruption.

But, I digress...
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