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Default Re: Allegations of Mind Control in the Music Industry.

Originally Posted by symphonious View Post
I'm sorry to double post, that gaga video sent me searching for more answers. I came across this, listen to this woman talk about her alter ego. The craziest thing, look at the comments below the video, people just going "It's her alter ego, every rapper has one, its just her gimmick"

Watch this video, listen to HOW she describes this "alter ego" and tell me if you think it's as crazy as I do that ANYONE can watch this and just pass it off like that! It almost has me thinking "mind control" because any common sense person should be able to see she's not talking about some fun character she plays for entertainment value, she's talking about something real and sinister, just... just watch.

And I just want to add, I'm watching alot of these videos on mind control, WHY DO THEY ALL PLAY SUCH CREEPY MUSIC???? What they're saying is real and creepy ENOUGH, you don't need to make it worse with freaking creepy ass music! JEEEZ!!!
Well that was just stunning! She definitely appears to be saying that she is possessed by a mischievous spirit called 'Roman'.

Spirit possession may not be what is happening here however as it could also be a case of Multiple Personality Disorder. The condition is said to be caused by childhood trauma and is related to hysteria.

How common are such claims among pop musicians?
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