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Default Re: Allegations of Mind Control in the Music Industry.

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
You're right, her eyes are certainly doing some strange things throughout the interview. However I think it is probably more to do with her state of mind at the time rather than anything to do with possession. People who are on drugs can have eyes which go in different directions but someone in a dazed and confused state can have exactly the same thing.

Unless I was imagining it some strange things were said during the interview by both the interviewer and Gaga. Unless I misheard there was something about 'the planet goat' and 'a government hooker'?
lol..yes you herd right..govberment hooker is what the guy was calling lady gaga and yes she says the planet goat..that is satan a goat...oh she also says that she is a vessel....if you know or believe in aliens and i do can here in her s peach the alien...ill show you something else if i can find it..its a little off topic but important...

I believe this cause what has happened to lady gaga with her eyes has happened to me..and im not on drugs...its demons that enter the body..i happen to know the evil rim, at least part of them..this is how they work...what a really is....

loll..makes me wonder if there is a planet called
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