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Default Re: MENSA

If you have interacted with various breeds of dogs, I am sure you have noticed that some breeds are smarter than others.

Also, it is pretty obvious that different species of animals exhibit different levels of intelligence. For example, humans as a group are more intelligent than dogs as a group.

The races are the different breeds of humans, and they do in fact exhibit different levels of intelligence. The Illuminati understands this. The rich and powerful dynastic families are very careful to avoid interbreeding with the less intelligent races, yet they promote interbreeding for the masses through the propaganda of diversity and multiculturalism.

The average white person has an IQ of 100. That is a bit too smart, making whites difficult to manage by the NWO. The native African has an IQ of 70. That is not smart enough, making Africans difficult to train for various employment tasks. The cross-breed has an IQ of 85. This breed can be trained to do work, and is easily managed by the NWO. As the power of the NWO increases, I expect them to become increasingly active in human breeding practices.

The article referenced by Bouncer, above, claims:
"Proponents of an excessively genetic understanding of intelligence often have racist agendas or are simply ignorant of the challenges facing the marginalized people of the world such as members of the African-American community."

That statement is nonsense. Intelligence is a genetic attribute that is measurable. African-Americans are not "marginalized"; they are simply the least intelligent race in the USA. If recognizing and exposing that fact is a "racist agenda", then so be it.

The conspiracy going on here is the conspiracy to make you believe that all races have equal intelligence. This is a false notion that diversity and multicultural training is designed to impart. The goal of this conspiracy is to create a mongrel slave race that serves the NWO.
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