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Default Re: MENSA

I appreciate your courage and honesty. Thank you for presenting one of the most salient arguments in sociology today. In the USA, the African-American people are far from a "Pure Breed", to use your allegory. Genetics become more complicated when you cross-breed those with different traits. Which is the dominant IQ trait, if in fact it is largely hereditary? Also, nurturing practices have an overwhelming influence upon fetal and early development, both physical and mental. For instance, wealth in the USA has a strong correlation with average IQ scores by state, which indicates that raising children in an intellectually challenging environment is still by privilege and not by right. In other words, if you are working 18 hours a day just to feed your family, you might not get around to reading Shakespeare at bedtime. Lastly, the Indo-European nations display the highest IQ scores of the world. Can anyone tell us why??
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