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Default Re: MENSA

Bouncer said, in the MKULTRA thread:
"Oh, Arjuna: I wasn't trying to be rude with the former posts about genetics and pure breeding, etc. I was just pursuing my own theories and I appreciate the challenge that you presented to me. "

Your replies to my posts were not the least bit rude. I appreciate your willingness to offer me a different point of view. I respect you more for disagreeing to my face, in a polite and intelligent manner, than if you held your opposing views to yourself. Intelligence, like so many other topics discussed in our forums, is highly controversial. Argumentation and debate is a worthwhile process by which we can burn away the falsehoods and deceptions, and reveal the truth. You are a perfect example of the type of person I prefer to engage in this process. The key to success is to attack the ideas, not the person holding them.
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