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Default Re: MENSA

Please note that the figures given in the above post do not separate out the Jewish race for analysis. This is standard practice in the social sciences. The Jews are beyond doubt the most intelligent and powerful race on the planet, and they carefully hide from public view many of the details regarding who they are, what they are doing, how they are doing it, and why they are doing it.

Hiding the fact that they are considerably more intelligent than all other races serves their purposes well. Keep in mind that the propaganda campaign known as diversity and multiculturalism is a Jewish invention, designed to manipulate all non-Jewish races into believing that all races are equal, including the absurdity that all races are equally intelligent.

Check out this webpage:

This webpage publishes an interview with an 11 year old Jewish prodigy. Here is a quote:

Prodigy. We already knew that Jews achieve far beyond their numbers, but with a mean IQ about one standard deviation higher than that of other Europeans, we expect high achievement from them.

One standard deviation above the mean value of 100 places the average Jewish IQ at 115.

I am certain that the Jews understand well the relationship between genetics and intelligence, and that they are implementing breeding practices within their own race to maintain or increase high IQ levels. At the same time, the Jews are largely responsible for a variety of activities that guarantee all other races are considerably less intelligent than the Jewish race. These practices are consistent with the Jewish belief that all non-Jews are slaves whose only purpose for existence is to serve the Jews.
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