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Default Re: How Will The Globalists Justify U.S And Israeli First Strikes On Iran?

Stranger wrote:
On a different note TB, I still dont understand everyone's obession with "zionism" either. Dont know where you fall on the subject, but to blame the ills of the world on zionism alone, I just dont get it. Thoughts?
makow wrote an article with pictures of some buildings in israel with masonic influence all over them (kinda like washington dc). From what i read the illuminati is behind zionism because israel supposedly will be the home of the new world order religion. Whether it is the Bible to just watching the news, Israel plays a big part in the end times.

Some people though seem to blame everything on zionism to cover up hatred for jews so I agree with you on that sense. The jewish people living in Israel don't have nothing to do with what their country does as much as we are not responsible for America wasting Iraq. We need to concentrate on the "evil doers" (the nwo, illuminati)
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