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Wink Divided States of America by 2010

Divided States of America by 2010: East Coast joins EU, West Coast under Chinese Influence and South goes back to Mexico. And Israel?

A Professor and former KGB advisor on America in Russia, Igor Panarin, is predicting the demise of the USA this year. I have reported on this before, but we now have more details.

Panarin predicted the economic crisis in the US 10 years ago. He now says that by this Fall, there will be civil war in America. By June 1010, the USA will break up into 6 pieces. Alaska will go back to Russian control ( look out Sarah!) and Hawaii will go to China or Japan.

The East Coast of the US will join the European Union ( even though it is not Europe?) the West Coast will become The California Republic and be under Chinese influence, most of Texas and the South will go back to Mexico, while the Midwest and Plains areas will be part of Canada ( wow--maybe they'll let me back in again!--Eh!)

He knows that everyone is laughing at his predictions, but they laughed when the collapse of the Soviet Union was detailed 15 years before it happened.

As for me, I am stocking up on Maple Syrup and Canadian bacon.

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Map of the Divided States of America by 2010:
The 100% unofficial blog of the Russian President: Professor Panarin's map of the United States

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