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Default Re: Divided States of America by 2010

Originally Posted by omgwhtrtheydoin View Post
Just because this fella predicted the financial crises doesnt exactly make him god now does it. I live in the uk and I predicted that there would be a massive recession prob about ten years ago, not cos i`m some sort of proft, but just common sense.

Pardon me, but how is it common sense?

If you took a guess and were right, it's improbable -- but likely. To predict such a thing takes amazing amounts of data collection. You have to know how much money is being printed and dispersed proportionately. You would have to know the averages of every classes income vs the amount they spent... etc etc.

It's not really common sense at all, if it were... there would be no need for economists.

I'm willing to wager you don't even know the function of an economist. This is more common sense than predicting a recession.

As for this happening. Psh, no chance in the world. Civil war? Civil war would mean one part of the country fighting another. Like California fighting Florida. Revolution is more likely; the citizens of the country fight the government. Still very doubtful. These things take time to happen, there isn't enough time in 2009 left to even start organizing such a task. You do realize it's 2010 in just 3 months right?

Civil war... lmao -- breaking apart? No. Losing super power status... maybe, but still doubtful.

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