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Default Secret Underearth Laboratory in Tallinn, Estonia

Today, 20.11.2009, 0:10 a long time top level secret was opened.

In 1972, August 21st the building project called N46 was finished.

Location: in front you can see the todays parliament of "The Republic of Estonia". Next to it the Russian Church. To demonstrate, put the mouse to the right side of the building.

Participants of the planing commity, that was established in march 1971 with the help oft he KGB and Britidh Secret Service were as verified:

a) Mr. Talis Bachmann (Codename "Anders"). To ensure the strengh of the project, a microchip (manufacturer ITT, TDA1132) was implanted near his left cortex after he suffered a stroke in 5/1992.

b) Mr. Herman Simm, who got involved into a "fabricated" spy scandal last year and is imprisoned in Estonias most secure prison in Tartu, built by Skanska EMV981.

Other survivors don't exist anymore.

Details of the underearth laboratory came to daylight in a garbage-crowded, given-up garage complex near Small Blühgarten, Astangu. Original documents with signatures, names and data of involved US enterprises are stored at a Notary place in Tartu, who agreed, to take responsibility in the name of a modern democracy within the EU.

Attention. while you read this, a couple of Chinese scientists, that is exchanged every 5 to 8 weeks work there, not fully aware of any consequences.

According to Dr. Bachman, who is an expert in the field of neurosciences, are in the laboratory so-called "fetal fine matters", means cloned humans connected to a computer analysis device. He told, in the seventies, the scientifical material to clone was mainly delivered by the Robert Koch Institut and a hospital near Stuttgart, Siloah Pforzheim, both area of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. He yesterday stated, that the laboratory was a scientifical success and capable to supply 7 clones steady. Since he retired from the project in 1986 he was often invited to a scientifical board in an underearth facility in Denver, Colorado, payed in US Dollars.

To the forum:
Please discuss, how to act without bigger tragedy.

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