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Default Re: Enemies of Humanity: Top 100 Globalists

Yes, Kissinger winning the Nobel Peace Prize is the height of hypocrisy.
A book I haven't yet read and hope to is one written by the comedian and political satirist Barry Crimmins: "Never Shake Hands with a War Criminal".
Supposedly, the title is derived from an encounter Crimmins had with Kissinger backstage on a CNN program, when he reufsed to shake hands with the evil Dr. K.
According to what I've heard, the look in Kissinger's eyes when Crimmins stood up to him was one of sheer terror and indecision. Almost immediately, security goons surrounded Kissinger and whisked him away.
Intriguing. Perhaps the Illuminati are really more fearful and insecure than we realize. Seemed that even an evil genius like Kissinger totally froze up when the situation deviated from its ususal scripted scenario.
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