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Default Re: Reptile face in the 5 pound note!!!!!

Originally Posted by albie View Post
So you believe you know the final say on theories then? Give it a shot then. Show me the end results.
On 9/11 :
The pentagon was looking for a pre-text to invade Afghanistan. Because of this, they had the WTC towers collapse by means of nanothermite on live television (inspired by Pearl Harbor). The planes (that DID fly into the WTC, unlike what some people claim) were a diversion to catch the attention of the media and create a shock effect.

On The Holocaust :
Hitler used concentration camps for much the same reason Roosevelt did : to lock up people considered a threat to national security. Forensic tests, Red Cross reports and other evidence shows that there were indeed large death tolls in some of the German concentration camps, however the main killers in these camps were typhus and typhoid. When the allies were carpet bombing German infrastructure, resources could no longer reach these camps making it impossible to stop the pandemic. The film The Relief of Belsen gives some insight in what really took place and is based on the testimonies of the British soldiers as they liberated Bergen-Belsen.
As rumours existed among Jews that Hitler was killing people with gas chambers, this was soon incorporated in black propaganda, linked to the high death toll and even made it to the Nuremberg show trials. However, there is no evidence that a single concentration camp inmate was ever gassed by the Germans. Neither is there any evidence that Hitler planned to kill all Jews. In fact, the claims that Hitler was exterminating Jews was largely forgotten until the Six Day war when zionists started using it for their own propaganda and the Holocaust Industry developed.

On The oligarchy :
A small group of Jewish banking families (Rothschild, Warburg, Loeb, ...) is decidated to dominate the entire gentile world as predicted by Talmudic prophecy. They currently dominate much of the Western world (read "Culture of Critique" on Jewish influence in the West). They achieved this by means of revolutions (especially the American, French and Russian revolutions) and subversive movements (communism, feminism, "civil rights", ...) but also through the mainstream media (which is almost entirely under their control today) and the manipulation of academic institutes (read "The Diversity Myth" on the politisation of Stanford).

Originally Posted by albie View Post
>>He could be a staunch defender of Zionism, Democracy, Capitalism, Multi-Culturalism, Christianity and/or other viewpoints and become a "debunker" in an attempt to support his viewpoints.

You actually believe that don't you. It's irrellevant to the argument. Even if some natural liars did become debunkers it does not negate the argument that liars will still be posting crap on the web.
Obviously. I was just pointing out that you'll find compulsive liars on both sides and not just among so-called "conspiracy theorists".

Originally Posted by albie View Post
A debunker would not get away with lying to spoil a conspiracy theory.
They do it all the time.
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