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Default Re: should we still anticipate something for 9/11 anniversary?

FEMA's director was a pawn, no?

No experience.

Sent packing.

Made to look like he failed, but he played his role.

Doesn't matter.

There was still a four day STANDDOWN and it wasn't due to his inexperience or mishandling.

What? Bush doesn't watch TV? Doesn't keep up with impending Category 5 Hurricanes? FEMA doesn't receive briefings?

Any person in their "right" mind without political stature could see HELP was needed desperately.

Are we suppose to believe the President and his men are this DUMB???? or this calculating?

We all witnessed people dying and suffering as the calvary stood still.


Simple questions deserve simple answers without years of investigations.


Several reasons, but most important was an attempt to take control of Lousianna's National Guard.

Two millitary failures within four years!

And, they want to Federalize the National Guard?????

Their plan is advancing at lightening speed.

I'm gettin' out of DODGE!!!
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