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Default Re: Conspiracy studies = Bad for social life?

Originally Posted by threesixdegrees View Post
Hi, for 2 years i've been studying conspiracies and read a lots of books. I feel a strange kind of addiction which makes me live in hell. Every information that I get by the news or advertising around me is like a piece of a puzzle. My brains are always working fast, i'm a freethinker, overthinking.. I'm starting to have big problems and depression, i'm living in insecurity and I feel like everybody is looking at me because i'm an enemy of the state or I have something in my face that I don't see. I can't have a normal discussion with someone without relating it to my discoveries. It's controlling my life, i'm out of the sheeps and people like me need to find a place to live.
A movie called "Rhionocerus" narrated by Gene Wilder. They'll never get him.
They got him at the end. It's a comedy.

Yes one would need to find a place to live. One is being encroached upon though.

Most likely scattered about. Will just have to manage on your own.
Time will tell. Best wishes.
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