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Default Bill 109

Bill 109, it is a crime to speak and tell the truth
Back in the friendly maritimes - they train the Hitler youth
Now you and me can see - the writing's on the wall
Crazy is as crazy does, it's time to tell you all.

I came back across the pond with visions of a dream
Back in Nova Scotia, all is not as it may seem
D for duh - can't educate ya' - it's ignorance for all
Lords and serfs or gangs and turfs - the padded room does call.

Common folks become laughing jokes when crying of a foul
The media paints them crazy - there will be no justice now
Conspiracy is lunacy or is it just reality?
The kickbacks and the bribes you see - insurances scams on you and me.

Coke and weed, incestuos seed, the paedophiles will prowl
12 months best is house arrest - will the children be safe now?
The Shelburnes boys - Buchanan's choice - settled and gagged why?
I'll tell you true what you can do - pray to God on high.

Pray for truth and pray for light to shine on what is wrong and what's right
Pray for justice, pray for them, greedy buggars -corruptors of men
Baby Mona Clare, you say, Swat team abducted her that way
Grandma died, the government lied, and the parents, they took them away.

Kangaroo court - a laughing sport - now take your bitter pill
The red, the green, the in between - they'll call you crazt still
So spaek your truth, defend the youth - their future's in oure hands
God must see this lunacy - nepotistic man.

The women and the children dear, have no voice it does appear
Foster homes and children's aide - crimes committed, plans they've laid
The church, the school, the golden rule - Where does the money go?
Oil and gas, a anatural past, sold down the river - don't you know.

The justice gang - the MLA's - oh they are a jolly clan
Writing laws to suit their needs and banking when they can
Call me crazy and you will see how eloquent that I can be
Joseph Howe, he said it best - corruption's clear - I do attest.

The CMA, well they did say, Bill 109 is not the way
London just got bombed today. Where is it safe I can but pray???
The golden rules are penned by fools. When will we ever break free?
From hate and lust to God I trust - get off that fence with me.

It is our fault the way things are.
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