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Default Re: Bill 109

This is why i left Nova Scotia.

This is why I am in England.

This is why i will never shut up!

This is why i am now doing a degree in Music... sound engineering and singing with free recording time to piss a whole lot of people off!

I may only be five foot and change and not weigh a hell of a lot and i have a big heart, a high I.Q., a big mouth/ good voice (so i am told), and I am determined to blow the whistle on the paedophiles that are the Canadian government.

Mainstream will hear what I have to say about Canada, one way or the other. A bullet from them is the only thing that will stop me!

Just wrote quite a clever song with my mate Ryan... dirty thoughts and them tight jeans. The folks from the ghetto where i lived liked it, the girls who used to come down my shop after work for a jam session used to like it and sing along...

I have come to the conclusion that the underground music scene in England is the best method to get the message out there.

I have lots of friends who are dj's on pirate radio and who dj the raves and london parties. If my music is good enough, it will get played. If it gets played, it gets heard and the rest is a revolution.

I am in music for the power to reach the masses, not the money. Money comes and money goes... no big deal. Speaking my mind is priceless... the greatest freedom i possess is my freedom of speech which the nutters in Nova Scotia thought they could squelch. They have simply pushed me onto bigger and better ways of causing chaos in their little minds.

The theory is that as long as I am bitching about Canada while I am in England, the Brits shouldn't have a problem with me and will hopefully leave me alone.

I don't like being threatened, especially by people who have the power to completely fuck my life. So I will try to behave... and pigs might fly...

Talk is cheap
Action creates change
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