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blueangel ? i wouldnt bother with any one about pop idol gods here .

you must surely know beyond all doubts , that trying to fight children about their idols will only fuel their desire .

i strongly serguest , you leave these yongsters alone , dont bother , im sure bruce is a very nice man and does things for pets anominouse and helps old ladies bla bla bla .

get involved with other subjects , your on a looser here , you should know that .

all kids love their gods , especially pop gods . try another thread .

ice !

it bothers me ! because your so interlectual , what happened here ? anyway .leave them alone , when they grow up they an always learn from their mistakes and besides , we all know he only reason why poeple are famouse is because others hold them up with adoration , so , let them be , if they want to fund some one elses lifestyle , thats their loss , not yours .

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