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Mind control in general is your own choice to be controlled, or to control. Realizing what fortune you are after will sensitize your GOALS and help you addapt to what you actually aim to produce. Are you a slave? Are you a Master? Your submission or refusal to submit determines what weapon will be used against you(or not used).
Everything about Blue Angel and what she has written in the last page is starting to make sense to me now. We are programmed by the music we listen to, and it IS the depth and core of the SWITCH in our soul that allows us to be controlled or to control. Seperating ones self in order to report is one way for sure to express what you are trying to get across. Very intelligent I must add. Still does not stomp me.

Last but not least. I am not a christian, and one of my most favorite songs is IRON MAIDEN (you liked that I can tell)'Number of the Beast'

My top song to listen to at the moment is from Judas Priests Double CD, bad ass kickin riff called 'Alone' from the Nastradamus titled "BEST PIECE" they have ever recorded.

'A quote from the lyrics without the repeat lyrics that basically fits into the way I feel:

"They say we are fools
We say look at you.
Long ago, we were just a few
Still say we don't need you.

We don't wanna belong
We said all along
we just wanna be -left alone

Think that we must have lost our way
Running from the blaze
You were wrong
We chose our course
Counted up the days
enduring in a rage
We got strong

You denied everything that is good
Reacting as you would
With your shame.

So we turned
and left you all behind
We dont need your kind
You're to blame.

In years to come
You will hear my name
When darkness falls
On Judgement day"

I am deep into how music makes me feel. I have the choice to choose what lyrics I take in and which lyrics to deny.

The whole matter here is not what you have been programmed to be, but what you have chosen not to be programmed to become..

I have written over 25,000 songs and poems. Without this programming...I would not want to exist! I am in charge of my emotions(though I don't need em) and if I should ever need to shun them...I could. I would pop in the Boston CD, 'Don't look back' and move on.

Sex is the reward for being dis-obedient.Someday it may not be an option. And who would argue that that is not a good thing(losing our mental virginity)?Enjoy your sexual fantasies while they last.

The end of time as we know it is fast approaching. Get ready to see the truth. It may not be what you expect.Believing that you can stop the NWO, is a fantasy. Some of us are ready! We have already crossed over.

If for some reason by opportunity that I could ever reign....YOU ALL WOULD BE CHIPPED!(protected). Thank God I am not in charge, ehh? No one wants to be saved, lol.
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