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Go ahead and be the fine bitch you are to me. and keep talkin trash.I came to the forum as a Psycotronic victim gone rebel myself. I do think some of you will end up dead because you have BIG MOUTHS. I nominate you.
You are so rude, and thats fine, I know you are crazy, why your crazy, and that youll die crazy. God is doing this to you because you made your self available. YES YOU DID. You were a sex slave freak because( I would guess) you were once a crack whore (were you?). Every post, you stick your nose in it, like your something big and special (sorry Blue Devil, you aint). Ever dawn on you, others may need infoand help instead of your spewage and sympathetic craving for attention? You should just stop being so rude. I did not come here to be your enemy. I know now we will never be friends.How you have survived with such hatred to others is amazing. Like any other forum, there is one Blue devil that makes it a circus.

Stop crying for attention, because you are the talk of the threads all over the net as the looniest of the loonies. I Wish people like you that 'HAVE NOT FIGURED OUT WHY you were chosen' would shut up.You make life hell on the rest of us.
What a .......&$%#*. Go ride the broom.

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