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Red face Re: I only have 11 post's left!

Proud to be a American!

I don't know about you people, but I will never surrender my liberties for "security" How many military personnel have died for your freedoms in this country?

You ask yourself where does my freedom come from?
answer:GOD, or has the government replaced GOD?
answer: YES!

One Concerned American!

The U.S.A. what a concept! freedom, liberty, a world power, we have utterly neglected her, she has become a whore in the night.

Although she has redemption, she has the ability to correct herself. Only with your help can she find her correct path in life.

This I promise you, she will CORRECT HERSELF! although not visible at the moment, the powers that be tremble at the thought.

Can it be possible that the future of America will be saved? I say yes, only because it is a CHRISTIAN NATION, a Nation of laws and morals, A Nation of God-Fearing people, who seek redemption from the past.

The powers that be are frightened of the power of GOD! The power of the holy spirit! The power of 100,000,000 (1 hundred million pissed off patriots) they see the writing on the wall.

Get Out of Her! You People!

She is weak and tired, she needs rest and rejuvenation, and then she will scare the powers that be.

There are many concerns to write about here, I will try my best to convey my concerns here, PATIENCE is understanding, the End-Times are near, NO! we will overcome what they put us against.

First and foremost of my concerns is my U.S. Military being overwhelmed and destroyed by the powers at large, this they will try to accomplish over the next 10 years. This is their GOAL... DESTROY THE U.S. MILITARY! And then the U.S. is easy PICKENS.

A free people no more!

United States Marine Corps

NOTE: I posted a thread at Above Top Secret.Com called Asymetric Warfare, find it in the Weaponry forum there, to know what I'm writing about here. very informative!

ATS banned me from their site! :-x

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