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Default Re: I only have 11 post's left!

Well Said...

I have to agree abit with Henry on this one, although I would add that the Zionist/Illuminatti takeover and Liberalization/Homosexualization of the West will be a FAILURE! The human race and it's history, especially that of the "MEAN NASTY WHITE PROTESTANT CHRISTIANS" is one of the final 'stumbling blocks' of the Powers that be.


Because the purpose of the NEW ORDER is to make everything right and GODLY seem backwards, RIGHT IS LEFT, UP IS DOWN, EVIL IS GOOD, etc... so thus, those who see the truth, and seek the truth will find nourishment, ther'es only so much SHIT good people can put up with, CRIME, ILLEGAL-IMMIGRATION, NATION-PLUNDERING, etc..and when I say crime, I speak of the present day atrocities being perpetrated against children, RAMPANT PEDOPHILIA, (purposeful plans to destroy family and children) but wait! that is just the tip of the titanic iceberg heading for a collision course with the truth seekers!

Here's a paragraph from Henry's article...


Since the "enlightenment," Western culture has been based on the denial of God. Sure we pay lip service to God, but that's all it is.

Western culture is Luciferian. Freemasonry, the church of Lucifer, is the real religion of the world. The Illuminati is the highest echelon of Freemasonry. Our "culture" is essentially pagan and satanic. It is predicated on replacing God with man, hence we have "humanism," the religion of man, sex and excrement.

In practice, the central bankers who sponsor Freemasonry and western culture are God. When man puts himself above God, he becomes Satan. These Masonic bankers know this and actually channel evil.

Western history is punctuated by a series of "revolutions" sponsored by these bankers –English, American, French and Russian. Revolution means replacing the old Order with the New World Order, replacing God with banker. They create money of thin air; they are God.

What is God? God is Reality. Even if we don't believe in God, we all have a sense of truth and goodness, justice, love, peace, and beauty. This spiritual sense and craving is our connection with God.

Just as God made the natural world with an exquisite design, so natural and spiritual laws govern the human world as well. It's our job to determine what these laws are and live accordingly.

But Luciferians want to outrage our sense of natural and spiritual laws. They want to replace God with Satan. By offending us, they spurn God and serve their master Lucifer.


The writer-director, leading and supporting characters of this movie are Jews. I am not being anti Semitic here. They chose to present themselves as Jews in this bad light.

I used to be a Luciferian Jewish dupe so I understand what motivates them, apart from success. The Luciferian leftie Jew is taught that society is dominated by repressed greedy Christians who run the evil corporations. These Christians are terrible hypocrites because they engage in imperialist wars like Vietnam and Iraq. Only government run by liberals and socialists can keep these people in check.

For Luciferian Jews, being obscene and tearing down social standards is "protest." They don't realize that they are tearing down healthy necessary social standards. The Masonic bankers both own the corporations and subsidize the Left. They make the "protest" movies that degrade and demoralize the American people. Luciferian Jews like Judd Apatow aren't rebels. They are serving the satanic establishment agenda.

It's time entertainment and media Jews stopped being the Kultural Shock troops of the New World Order. It's time they stopped creating anti-Semitism.


The movie has one redeeming quality: its accurate portrayal of the American feminist out-of-control. It does a great job of showing how American women parlay sex appeal into domestic despotism, making men their sock puppets.

Katherine got pregnant because she told Seth, struggling with his condom, to "just do it." He misunderstood her order and tossed the condom. Giving birth, she tries to tell the male MD how to deliver her baby. My favorite scene is when her sister screams at a nightclub doorman who won't admit her because she is "too old."

But this movie cannot be mistaken for sophisticated social observation. (To Hollywood's credit, Richard Gere's "The Hoax" was.) "Knocked Up" is an assault on the collective psyche, degrading and perverting our social norms and sensibilities.

Culture is based on setting up spiritual ideals and elevating our lives accordingly. It is chosing the higher over the lower. The Luciferian NWO is based on making good seem evil, and crushing the human spirit under foot.

"Knocked Up" is a surreal trip down Hollywood's psychic rabbit hole. What you see there is mostly shocking.
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