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Default Re: The Obama Conspiracy Continues

Originally Posted by Chaser Tiponi View Post
I hear ya! But if we impeached these Deralicts every time they lied we would never even have a President lol...

I don't remember the issue coming up 2008, but that was the year I was getting divorced so I'll have to take your word for it ( my head was so far up my ars that year I would have to ? my very existence).
So what if we impeach them all. For the price of Presidency, you would think they would have the right mindset when they are seeking the Presidency. I am not saying, it's an easy job....because, it's not. But you would think, when they run for the highest office in the land, we would want them to do the things they say they're gonna do. Yeah, I know, it's mostly about "Say as I do, not do as I say" mentality. But hey, if they cannot function their duties, IMPEACH THEM. Oh wait, we can't do that....those lobbyists wouldn't let that happen. They put in so much time and effort, not to mention .... $$$$ just to have these corrupted government officials where they are. Matter of fact, where they want them to be. So, they can carry out their GREEDS and dubious agendas. Hmmm.....sound familiar?

Hey, maybe we should start a new thread on Chaser Tiponi for President in 2016? Perhaps, 2020? Do I hear any support? LOL

(Maybe you will have more friends than Obama when FB goes Universal. lol (I meant, we can have aliens vote, too! LOL It was meant to be funny!)
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