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THIS, some of these statements are misleading.

Anthony Sutton, in his book, Wall Street & The Rise Of Hitler, makes it clear few, if any Germans (powerful) were involved with financing Hitler.

In fact barely half of Germany even voted for him initially. When they marched into Poland there was NO cheering on the streets. Accounts from the time speak of a very sombre Germany at this stage.

All through the war Hitler was paranoid about being knocked off. In fact there are over 30 documented accounts of assassination attempts.

Hitlers ability to avoid them is SO uncanny that one is led to believe he was being the British. Whole swathes of the German High Command were in touch with the British...including Goering and Canaris! He was protected from assassination till the job was done.

This may explain also why so many of the German heirarchy (supposed war criminals) seemed to give themselves up to the British and Americans without batting an eyelid...they'd been in contact with them so long they thought they would be spared.

Not one wholly owned German company gave to Hitler. I.G Farbin etc were all partly owned by American interests. Probably reaching straight back to Rothschild.

The Zionist plan was to devestate the Jews of Europe and get them to migrate to Palestine where no self respecting European Jew would move.

This they accomplished to a large degree.

Undoubtably England played a huge role. Hitler L-O-V-E-D England. He was known as a complete Anglophile.

Hitlers adjutant of 10 years married an English girl in the late 30's and was worried about telling Hitler of this. When he did Hitler was ecstatic for him!

Hitler also L-O-V-E-D the royal family and they loved him right back.

He was double crossed which was why he was fuming with the sudden British turnaround when Churchill came to power. Remember, the British Royal family is...German.

Hitler even offered to send several divisions to Asia to fend off the Japanese which may explain Japans less than helpful attitude to Germany during the Russian campaign.

The history of WW2 is yet to be written. Cant wait for the movie.
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