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Default Re: Evidence that Proves God is Evil and Satan is Good

I don't believe in God or Satan for that matter, but one thing I know is that if God does exist, then he's definitely the cruelest and most selfish thing ever! He creates us and then kills us after, what's the point?! Why should ppl be born in some parts of Africa with no money and die of hunger? Or how about the disabled ppl? It's like the dear God is punishing them from the beginning!! They say there's Hell and Heaven when you die, bulsh*t. If God is so kind and nice, why does there need to be Hell anyhow? Why shouldn't everyone go streight to Heaven? After all, if there's a God that created us, then that means nothing we do wrong is our fault and everything could be blamed on him cuz that's how he created us..
Peaple who don't believe in God/religions are WAY better ppl than those who do.. I've seem many religious ppl who do all sort of bad things, and then try to justify themselves, or they think it's alright to do bad things to me because I don't believe in their religion so they'll go to Heaven if they f*k me up! Or many of them just do bad things and then think that oh God is great and he'll forgive us after!
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