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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

All I know is I can see the station just fine and I am not the only one and I can take clear pictures of it, so either your scope is not strong enough or you are not tracking the ISS.
So get a scope like mine and you will surely see what the rest of us see and be able to take snapshots.
Question Where are these pictures of your so called hoax ISS ???Perhaps you can't see it with your eyes through your scope but your camera may be able to if it is the ISS that your looking at.
Basically I am telling you that just because you can't see it for whatever reason, being your scope or your eyesight or tracking the wrong thing.
That doesn't make it a hoax! If it was a hoax why can so many of us amateurs get pictures of the same thing?
Originally Posted by galexander View Post
Knowing that my eyesight is quite good, you would suggest that my telescope was out of focus after all.................

Strange but when I checked it before each viewing it seemed just fine.
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