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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

I guess that's your defense for something you can't or don't want to argue about because you are wrong about the ISS.
That is your problem what you choose to believe but my very first scope was I believe it was called an orbiter for Kids but since I am almost 40 years old now.
I have had a great interest in space and have spent more then a couple thousand more like 10 thousand on scopes and cameras over the last 15 years so believe what you will but you are wrong the ISS is there and is easy to catch with the computerized scope!
So Good luck trying to make anyone believe that it is not why not just get yourself a better scope or better camera or try a camera on whatever scope you have cause what ever your doing wrong cause the station is not a white blob.There is no conspiracy unless it's against just you! People like you make me laugh can't attack anything so try and attack the person to make yourself feel better or for whatever reason you are saying what your saying good luck in your quest to prove that the station is not there just because you can't see it explain to me why all over the net every one with a good scope and camera are taking picture's of the station except you????I don't believe you have a scope, I think you are using dollar store binoculars so where even their.
Originally Posted by galexander View Post
To be absolutely honest with you Gate420, I don't believe you own the telescope that you claim you do or indeed any telescope at all.

In fact I doubt you have ever even looked down the end of a telescope in your life.

I believe you have simply copied these images off the Net and have claimed them as your own.

The problem is you hardly come across as literate enough or educated enough to find a subject like astronomy of any interest at all and especially not interesting enough to fork out thousands on a high-tech piece of equipment as you claim.

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