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Default Re: Mind-control of children in America

Having three kids I would put the radical changes in the educational system back even before 1992. What was amazing is the fact the two of my kids spent a year in Germany at another school. That year was tough but both of their school problems ended after that year. No more, you have to help me with my homework, I don't understand, all of the trama associated with elementary school and new teaching methods ended with 1 year of normal education.
My most recent incident was with my last child, now in 9th grade. Tuesday night I get a call from another parent. She asked my wife to drive three kids to a power plant in the city on Wednesday. After the power plant they planned to go to NH to another power plant. All of this was an informal school project on energy.
OK. Fine. Permission from the other parents? Who are these kids? Am I assuming liability for transporting minors across state lines with no permission from the school or parents?
Who pays for the half tank of gas and 4 meals?
Anyway, since I refused the other 2 mothers kept their kids out of school for 2 days straight and finished the project. Great example of blind obedience to authority. Not only do they have the kids, they have the adults as well.
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