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Default Re: Mind-control of children in America

The problem with Michael Jackson is that he resides in Never Land and the Peter Pan story using "Tinkerbelle" programming is deployed on mind control victims to create alters that never grow up. They live in a fairy tale world, dream like state as Dorothy did in Wizard of OZ. Pedophiles want to sexually abuse children and if their mind control slaves are teenagers, they can call out alters who are children.

We know Michael Jackson has said publicly that he is a CHILD!! That he never wants to grow up. We know that there is something WRONG with him. The children have told us this.

Michael Jackson was abused by his father and so as far as his father is concerned there isn't anything wrong with what his son has endured at the hands of his perpetrators. They have been rewarded with riches. Michael Jackson is a mind control slave/handler, just as many entertainers are.

So, too, was mine an entertainer and he still is!!!

They look for talented children from abusive families. Money can buy silence.

It is a vicious cycle!! Sexual abuse occuring through generations.

Until the children speak. I spoke. I was silenced until now.

These men, they have NO SCRUPLES.

Right, Henry?

I represent one percent who do not carry on the cycle of abuse.

For that I am blessed by GOD!! I knew it was wrong.

I speak for the children. They are the "Silence Among Us."

As far as Michael Jackson's accusers are concerned, they are credible. The problem is that their parents are not!!!

Like I said, they are not going to prey on children whose parents are intellectuals and can fight them.

They look for parents who can be discredited. Sure, many of these parents are not in their right minds and may abuse their children, too, and perhaps are looking for a pay-off!!

Anyway, my parents both had 8th grade educations and my father had connections to the Mafia.

So, just as the children who are speaking out about Michael, and it's not a shock that entertainers are involved in this global sex trade/ring/prostitution/pornography/mind control appartus, I, too, was discredited due to my parent's reputation.

I believe the CHILDREN and, so, too, should we all.

Children are the most HONEST of us all. They say what is on their mind. They speak the truth!!

In Peace,
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