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Default Re: We will be criminals

I think the whoever made up the bill of hate crime against homosexual's, transexual', etc; must have got the Akhenaten Frolich metasphore wrong when it should have connected to the Bible text's relating to the spirit and bride in the book of revelation. It's the meaning of Frolich, the supposed genetic disease that Akhenaten had had that implied that he was figuered as femanin in shape and relitively the same in mind. but the actual meaning is given in two halve's of a picture, or rather, two eye's between two picture's! Akhenaten represent's the the body of Nefertiti in it's opposite polarity context, hense, Akhenaten's right eye blacked out to represent the left hemisphere of the brain, and the dark energy surpassed. and Nefertiti's whitened out left eye, representing the right hemisphere of the brain, indicating the white energy achieved, and the actual meaning of Frolich in German mean's 'Spring'which relate's to the flight of the spirit body when empty, ie; the Ba, negative mass, which become's the body of the soul when an exchange of magnetic polarities is activated, and then become's the full colour doppelganger of the self, or rather, only the image of Nefertiti if you Hap to have the same face! And in this case, there's been a witch hunt going on for 8 thousand year's until the next face of Nefertiti arive's! This make's quite a good story for an organization pretending to pretect someone of some Christ line import over such a long period of time dosn't it!
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